Saturday, July 4, 2015

KAW River Trip at Mom's!

This weekend Nick, Melanie and I came to my mom's in Junction City, KS to upgrade the OS on her old iMac. Nick and I took advantage of the closeness of the Kaw river (20 minutes from my mom's house) to get in some kayaking. Our obvious choices were a 9.5 mile trip or a 23 mile trip. 9.5 miles is for wimps, and even though we did 23 miles on the Missouri last weekend, we did the 23 mile trip.

Man are my arms tired! The current is much slower on the Kaw than on the Missouri, so it was much more paddling on this trip. This trip took about 5.5 hours, while the Missouri trip took 4.75 hours for about the same distance. Average speed on the Kaw was 4.1 mph, on the Missouri it was 4.7.

Shockingly, we had no rain or rollovers on this trip! Of course that also means we just baked under the sun, I know I got a little burned on my legs. It's funny - the insides of my legs are burned a bit, but the outsides aren't even tanned at all due to the way my legs rest normally in the kayak. I also have an awesome tan line that stops where my paddling gloves start. I'm totally the coolest kid on the block, tan-wise.

Overall, this was a good float. It's very similar to the Missouri, but nothing can beat scenic rivers like the Jack's Fork or Current rivers in the Ozarks. What can I say - I miss even tame class I rapids!

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