Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My shiny (ok, Matte) new Chromebook

Well after much deliberation, I finally bought a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. Not only that, and you should be seated for this part, it's my primary laptop now. Stop laughing, I'm serious! In all fairness, my old 2009 MacBook has been a bit twitchy lately, so I needed a replacement anyway. I thought about getting a new MacBook, but I knew I'd rather have a new iMac instead - much faster and more spacious for movie editing etc. So the Chromebook really fits my needs - and budget, no way I'd buy an iMac and a MacBook!

I really like this Chromebook. I've moved all my most common tasks to the cloud (Google Drive w/Docs, LucidChart, etc) and there isn't much I can't do on it. Development and heavy-duty movie/photo processing is still on a "real" computer, but even development can be done in the cloud now (Codenvy), it's crazy.

And while I know my Chromebook is slower than my MacBook, it doesn't feel slower. It actually feels faster - it only does one thing, and the entire system is tuned to that task, making it feel very snappy. Yes, I said "snappy" - deal with it.

My only gripes:

  • All ports (except headphone) are on the back. That can be a little annoying, although that's where most cables naturally want to be so it's only a minor peeve.
  • The unit closes really tightly - it's definitely a two-handed operation to open it up because it is so light!
  • No Cisco IPSEC support, which is what my work VPN requires.
  • Memory not expandable - comes with 2 GB which works quite well, but I'm sure 4 would be better!
Overall, I am really in love with the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook - highly recommended!

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